[Plone-com] Right, decisions made. (was Re: We need to select a plone.com production hosting provider)

Maurizio Delmonte maurizio.delmonte at abstract.it
Thu Sep 6 15:09:58 UTC 2012

On Thu, Sep 6, 2012 at 4:23 PM, Matt Hamilton <matth at netsight.co.uk> wrote:

>   Right, I'm going to take on a bit of a BDFL-like role in this process
> now. I'm leaving the execution and PM up to those who have stepped up, I'm
> just going to make the executive decisions on some of these big bits to
> stop us debating this for any longer.


> Content: This is the meat of the project. This is the 'hard' bit. This is
> what we need to work on in the meantime whilst the hosting and design side
> of things are going on. Rose, Armin, Derrick, Maurizio et al we need you to
> get going on this.

right, let's buzz some more time.
hope we have a process  set and we have reached all the people interested
[*] in participating actively to content production by the end of this
weekend. We should reach a state of "clear ideas" and actively on the real
tasks by the end of next week, hopefully.

[*]: everyone knowing someone willing to help, please let her/him know
about this:

also, who has admin power on the plone.com mailing list?
please be reactive on new subscribers, or let me and Paul Roeland (ok Paul?
:)) in the process of admins..



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