[Plone-com] We need to select a plone.com production hosting provider

Wyn Williams heywyn at gmail.com
Thu Sep 6 06:28:18 UTC 2012

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Hello all
I already supply a number of higher spec servers for the Plone
community so I could also take on Plone.com, however..

I would really prefer not to use SFU for Plone.com for several reasons;

1) They host plone.org - any problems at there DC and we lose both
portals (not good)

2) It is already at Netsight, if they have the spare resources to move
it to it's own VM and allow the AI team access (or say they will take
care of any issues host side) then it gives us at least one portal
should shit happen.

3) SFU Are a good host but lets face it, they use FreeBSD so are a
little suspect...



PS Matt, what it the Netsight response to permanent hosting ?

On 09/06/2012 08:42 AM, Alex Clark wrote:
> Hi,
> To make things easy, I'm going to suggest we use Six Feet Up
> because I know they have tape backups, and that would allow us to
> check off the "backup content" item on trello. I would also prefer
> to stage and host from the same location, if at all possible. Worst
> case, we can move content (Data.fs) from Netsight to SFU, which is
> why I'm still +0 about Netsight staging. Once a production hosting
> environment is in place, we can:
> - Use it for staging until the launch date. - Git pull theme
> changes frequently, perhaps automatically. - Prepare for the
> switchover (probably just an nginx config change on SFU)
> Anyone else want to suggest any other viable production hosting 
> environments?
> Alex
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> site: http://plonecom.netsightdev.co.uk/ Code:
> https://github.com/collective/plonecom-buildout 
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