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Just clearing up some list confusion from yesterday. Looks like Derrick
sent this email (see below) to me, Rose and Matt, and NOT THE LIST.

So, Liz & Wyn, please accept my apology! I was under the mistaken
impression you guys saw this and ignored it (which then made me feel silly…
you know.)

Anyway, for anyone interested in a top down look at all the correspondence
so far, check the archives (I love threaded views):


On Tue, Sep 4, 2012 at 10:38 AM, Stone, Derrick J *HS <
DJS6D at hscmail.mcc.virginia.edu> wrote:

> Ladies and Gents,
> Per our earlier conversation, we have formed a team for the plone.comsite.
> Alex - technical resource and leadership
> Rose - information architecture and content
> Derrick - IA, content and possibly staging site hosting - really whatever
> is needed
> Looking for previous content has so far turned up dueces. We contacted
> Mark in IRC, who indicated he is out of the loop and had nothing to offer -
> at least while I was still in the chat room.
> Matt, an open question is how much you'd like to be involved at this point
> - we have located the buildout for the current site and the staging site
> you've already set up. If you have content and/or are willing to provide
> sysadmin for the development period great. But we have everything we need
> to run with it on our own.
> Rose - deferring to your skill set, below is what I would suggest as a
> starting point IA. Maybe three layers deep, more or less, with the first
> layer marketing speak, the second layer using sold argumentative writing,
> and the third level containing some hard numbers. Perhaps something like
> this is all we need to get started:
> Plone.com
> What is Plone?
>     About Plone software
>         organizational structure
>         community
>     What does Plone do
>         layman explanations
>         feature set
> Who uses it?
>     current case studies
>     contacts
>     what is it used for
> How do I use it?
>     solutions partners
>     hosting solutions
>     what I need to do it myself
> Make my case
>     what does it cost
>     how does it compare to market leaders
>     business cases
> I see also Alex has solicited theme donations. I do have a team of
> designers, if we have nothing offered by the middle of September, I can get
> someone to produce a design for us.
> I look forward to working with you,
> Derrick

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