[Plone-com] design constraints

Paul Roeland paul at cleanclothes.org
Wed Sep 5 21:32:05 UTC 2012

On 05-09-12 23:06, T. Kim Nguyen wrote:
> Is everyone aware of the products that the WebLion folk were working on
> and released at the PSE sprints to get to WCAG 2? (Matt Barkau was the
> lead on it IIRC).

They were merged into the regular Plone 4.2 series; so no more separate
products. But that only covers standard portlets and layout.

If we use a fancy new theme, that needs to be checked.

And it has to be looked at in the actual content as well; accessibility
testing also counts it as wrong if you use styles non-semantically
correct, or don't provide alt-tags for your images, for instance. So
end-results have to be checked by humans anyway.

Luckily, it's not a huge process to check this; vanilla Plone gives you
an excellent headstart, and any modifications will be minor. It's just
something to get into the process, no  big obstacle.

And can be done quite a the end, so no blocker.


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