[Plone-com] Startpoint for Plone.com development on Plone.org is in place

Armin Stroß-Radschinski developer at acsr.de
Wed Sep 5 18:13:24 UTC 2012

I just focused to get communication to work today. If everybody is  
connected we should guide and distribute the work more easily.

Task distribution

https://plone.org/community/teams/plone.com-development was updated,  
needs some more love to simplify it (Thanks Paul Roeland for setup!)

I decided to have now some team divisions that is reflected in the  
colored Trello labels as well.

The Infrastructure Team is new and was aded to Trello as well. We need  
someone who manages the technical sync between content collection and  
design team. I have no fear to take what we get.

Some targets

*	Content people should work without access to the design but with
	possible preview with the current theme dev state.

*	Design people should be able to suck latest content for testing the  

*	Merging should be the final task.

.. todo::

	Can someone step up for the infrastructure team lead and write down
	an countdown with estimated reverse deadlines from public launch as a  
google doc table?
	Then put it via Link on Trello. We need that to prior to work with  
deadlines on Trello


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