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Hello all

As somebody who is one of the decision makers as part of my job (IE I
select the systems my clients use) time to time def a big +1 to WCAG
2.0 with attention to screen readers as well on content and navigation
not just for forms.

> - looks good on Internet Explorer. We aim for decisionmakers.
> These people still run that.

I hate IE as much as the next Human (and I am sitting next to somebody
who REALLY hates it as I write this) but yes, it needs to be able to
look great on IE 7(ish) 8> there is no reason it can not have a look /
feel / design that takes advantage of the latest technologies anyway
as these can simply be disabled when Plone detects the inferior browsers.

Maybe move / list these up on Trello ?


On 09/05/2012 11:21 AM, Paul Roeland wrote:
> There are two design constraints that I'd like. I'm sure TV1 can
> cope with them, just have them out in the open.
> - accessibility, to at least WCAG2.0. This is a *must* in our
> important government/education markets, so our 'business card site'
> should comply. Not difficult to do, but puts some constraints on
> color contrast and the like. We have experts available in the Plone
> community to help test.
> - looks good on Internet Explorer. We aim for decisionmakers.
> These people still run that.
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