[Plone-com] We need a new modern theme for plone.com.

Armin Stroß-Radschinski developer at acsr.de
Wed Sep 5 08:32:29 UTC 2012

Thanks for distilling these points Dylan.

Am 05.09.2012 um 00:54 schrieb Dylan Jay:

> There's a lot of cooks in here already but since we just put  
> together a site for our new service recently I'll put in 2c then go.
> - do content before the theme. The homepage in particular should  
> support your main message.
No, parallel – we use Plone! Content should have significant design  
elements in mind, but that is more structure, headlines, leadin,  
markup than colors and typography. Suitable images & graphics are more  
important for both.
> - we went for a design inspired by brightbox.com and  
> squarespace.com. Long front page forming a tour of main key  
> differentiators.
+1 for inspiration. squarespace is in my mind for a long time.  
Excellent design and communication... already for some time.
> - but use a professional designer, don't use pre rolled themes.
+1 , we are Plone! Lets feel it...
> - give the new theme editor a go.  Great way to get feedback as the  
> theme is created and reduce friction created by deployment delays.  
> Diazo ftw.
of course!
> Dylan Jay

Lets change from kitchen metaphor to orchestra ;-)

We need some good tunes (theme), overview (score) distribution,  
arrangement (different tracks) and some lead.
To get kitchen smell out, open the windows and doors (thanks Matt) and  
take some walk in the right direction.


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