[Plone-com] We need a new modern theme for plone.com.

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Wed Sep 5 03:30:59 UTC 2012

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Hello all
+1 one on that (theme/content), it is how most projects normally work
although in this case they will be very close.

TV1 seem to be an experienced Plone house and Im sure they would want
to work with tools like the theme editor and Diazio anyway.

Rock and roll then :)


On 09/05/2012 02:20 AM, Stone, Derrick J *HS wrote:
> The most important focus of this site is the content. It must be no
> bull-shizzle. The second most important focus should be an
> excellent, modern theme, which is responsive. Without these two
> items, Plone.com is not worth doing. It would be better for
> potential customers to simply wonder if the community has a
> professional standard.
> I do not think shell access should be required - Plone publishes
> content out of the box right? :p
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> We need a new modern theme for plone.com.
> There's a lot of cooks in here already but since we just put
> together a site for our new service recently I'll put in 2c then
> go. - do content before the theme. The homepage in particular
> should support your main message. - we went for a design inspired
> by brightbox.com<http://brightbox.com> and
> squarespace.com<http://squarespace.com>. Long front page forming a
> tour of main key differentiators. - but use a professional
> designer, don't use pre rolled themes. - give the new theme editor
> a go.  Great way to get feedback as the theme is created and reduce
> friction created by deployment delays. Diazo ftw.
> Dylan Jay Technical solution manager PretaWeb 99552830
> On 05/09/2012, at 12:29 AM, Alex Clark
> <aclark at aclark.net<mailto:aclark at aclark.net>> wrote:
> Hi,
> As far as I can tell, this has not been discussed so:
> Who wants to donate a new-modern-theme to the
> plone.com<http://plone.com> project? To get started, we're going to
> use the existing plone.org<http://plone.org> theme
> (http://pypi.python.org/pypi/plonetheme.ploneorg) but we hope to
> replace that with something better/newer later. If you have any
> ideas, please let us know. Ideally the theme requirements would be
> something like:
> *   Based on Twitter bootstrap (but does not appear to be based on
> bootstrap, please) *   Responsive (included with bootstrap) *
> Diazo-powered
> But any and all theme donations will be considered and
> appreciated.
> Alex
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