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Well met and no problem, I can go with the flow.


On Sep 4, 2012, at 2:49 PM, w.p.w wrote:

Would it not be bettdr Derrick (hey , im Wyn btw : ) to approach this the way we are now ? We have fresh minds and eager peeps taking it up and they can take advantage of previous work.

This is how our community works sometimes and plone.com<http://plone.com/> is a community project which thanks to all the hard work you and others put in can now be moved forward and opened up to collective expertise, it now is de-facto a open community project.

Transparency is important and im sure your sugestions will be very much welcome.


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I don’t disagree – my most valuable contribution would be as a consult on the executive decision making. I appreciate your ability and willingness to host –I recommend you propose a time to meet on IRC. Those who can participate can consult together and we can clarify who the point person will be and what our operating strategy will be. We tried to do that earlier, but I will admit I did not consider those folks jumping on to the thread later in the day and did not sent out the minutes from that meeting. Better would have been for me to propose a time that everyone could sit in who wanted to!


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I'm available to help with writing/editing content, IA, coming up with content/marketing ideas and collaborating on them. Re availability - I can give 2-3 hours/week, currently. I'll let everyone know if that changes.
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Hey All

Could peeps shout out who they are and what they could help with ?
whoever takes the lead(s) (+1 to the previously mentioned peeps) could
then form tasks (that would be open / seen) and assign peeps as well
as peeps jumping on board and helping out.

For example rpruyne (Rose Pruyne) is an experienced dev, admin and
project manager and is rumored to be very handy at IA amongst other

Asigottech (Wyn Williams) Project manager who can devote resources and
help with planning / suggestions / cat juggling

Eleddy (Oh come on, we all know who SHE is) rumored to be generally
awesome at everything.

So add on your name :) and what area you feel you can devote time to.

I will provide a collaborative space for this in the morning my time
(GMT +3) and mail around an address (prob an IP initially) where peeps
who jump on the list can register and tasks can be posted etc.

Ideas for the site welcome.

Wyn (Asigottech)

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