[Plone-com] We need a new modern theme for plone.com.

Armin Stroß-Radschinski developer at acsr.de
Tue Sep 4 18:20:25 UTC 2012

Hi André,
this is exactly what we need. A fast professional process to convert  
the goals into a visual key into the brain.

Good design teams do not express themself but deliver solutions. Good  
design is mostly teamwork and the best results come up if the customer  
or target group is present in the heart of the team. If we aim at the  
expressed target groups, we need more people understanding these  
target groups! In the past we had too much insiders from the sources  
of Plone. We have to reach out for the stakeholders.

We have finished the PSF Python Brochure last month and it is in the  
final approval process.

You can get a glimpse here:

Plone.com is not a brochure, but it should lead through all the  
benefits of Plone in a more visual way than Plone.org ever did. I am  
curiuos to the design work from a big area of our community (South  
America), that knows how emotion works!

I am very interested in playing exchange partner for them. Remember  
that different continents have different reception of visual  
campaigns. What we do NOT need is an average to avoid to step on ones  
feet. We need local IMPACT.

If we finally manage to come up with some diversity in the key visuals  
catching those different spirits of our widespread community, that  
would be great. To make it clear: One design to keep the stuff  
together, but strong lead banners personalised to the spirit of the  
local stories /articles that transfer the messages.

If we do good coordination, these local lead stories can be  
contributed in parallel by different sources in different languages as  
well. For every local language a common english version should be  
provided. So we need not 100 % translation rate.

my 2 cent


Am 04.09.2012 um 19:27 schrieb André Nogueira:
> Wyn,
> They just want to help Plone Community. We can offer a footer link,
> but they didn´t ask for that. They used Plone a lot last years, now
> they want contribute back .
> The main idea is exactly that, put one of their designers to work with
> us like a normal agency-client relationship. We drove the process,
> instead of just receive a theme.
> []s
> Andre
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Am 04.09.2012 um 19:37 schrieb André Nogueira:

> Hi Alex,
> The idea is to use TV1 designers to work for us, with our orientation
> and not just let someone build a theme in they way they like.

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