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Matt Hamilton matth at netsight.co.uk
Tue Sep 4 17:32:12 UTC 2012

  This is awesome! I sent the email this morning from a train on the way to spend a day on-site with a client, and check email on way home to see lots and lots of discussion and people stepping up to do stuff. This is great!

I have a few bits of further information and some comments to throw in the mix:

1) Yes as you found there is a staging site up at http://plonecom.netsightdev.co.uk this is based on a buildout and package developed by Chrissy as Six Feet Up, and the code is in github:


please do any work in this package and then I can easily put it on the staging site. I'm happy to keep hosting the staging site. If people need accounts on this plone site let me know and I can add you, or bug someone in IRC whom I've already given accounts to.

2) Cat herding: Several people have offered, that is great. My only comment is this: Derek, thank you for offering too, but my gut feeling is we need someone who is better known in the community as a whole in order to get this to work in the time we have. You have fantastic input to contribute as a high-level decision maker and user of Plone, but I think the leading/organisation would be better handled by someone who knows others in the community more and a better chance of prodding people to do stuff.

3) Docs and stuff that exists. There is a Google Docs collection of things we have already. It is not much, but it is a start:


I can add people if you let me know your Google usernames. Rose I have just added you.

4) André / TV1: Awesome! Go go go!

Just to re-iterate. The goals of this site is to produce something *compact* and easy for us to keep up to date, maintain, and eventually translate. It is meant as a clear *What is Plone?"* and *Why Plone?* to high level decision makers. It will free up some pressure from plone.org so that we can be a bit more ruthless with refactoring that. Mark Corum ran a BoF session at the Plone Conference in San Francisco which talked about Plone.com. I wasn't able to attend unfortunately, but hopefully someone on here did and maybe has some note to share as what might have been discussed, but the original vision from him, which explains it best, is in the Google Docs folder.


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