[Plone-com] Base buildout up

Matt Hamilton matth at netsight.co.uk
Wed Aug 8 14:36:09 UTC 2012

Hi All,
  At the last Plone Tuneup, Chrissy Wainwright created a bare set of packages on github so we can start work on getting stuff going. They are at:


I have deployed these to a test server at: http://plonecom.netsightdev.co.uk/

Email me with your username and email address and I will create an account on there for those that want one to start arranging content.

Now we have a place to start 'hanging' bits as we can work on them. There is a base site structure that was originally produced by Mark Corum that we can use to start putting in some folders to and start some structure. The first 3 of these items are:

- What is Plone?
- Why should I choose Plone?
- Plone Feature Matrix

We need to start to get together some decent text for these, again with mind that this is a marketing site, so we need to make sure we are approaching this from the viewpoint of a decision maker looking at Plone. The last of these 3 items was started in two efforts at both the Plone Open Gardens and at Plone Symposium East. We still need to go through these and consolidate the two lists and to work out which are the 'top 20' features that we want to call out above.

We have two more specific 'planned' times where we want to get people working on Plone.com, the two upcoming Plone Tuneup Days:

August 17th
September 21st

I, personally, will be unable to make the first one as I will be on holiday then, and I'm looking for someone to step up and to lead this. The last Plone tuneup (admittedly very lately announced -- my fault) was very poorly attended and I hope we can get some more people involved and push this forward. I'm still hoping we can get something up by the conference in Arnhem.


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